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The Centre

The Centre

Inspired by the structure that characterized the ancient town map of Pompeii, through the main axes to which it developed, namely the Cardo and the Decumanus, the Maximall Pompeii complex was born from the idea of ​​creating a tourist attraction, a real " hub ”, near the archaeological site of Pompeii and all the other areas of tourist interest in the area of the same.
The need to provide the visitor and tourist with a premium and integrated service has led to architectural choices where multiple and varied functions coexist within a single building organization capable of creating an involvement that gives the visitor a unique experience that, having as an element of primary attraction an excellent shopping experience, will also guarantee the exclusivity of the offer in much more.

Shopping Center Maximall Pompeii

The center, which is located a few steps from Maximall Oplonti and very close to the excavations of Pompeii, is projected to be one of the main Italian landmarks in the sector. With its modern design, it will be the first luxury shopping center and will host more than 200 brands, 30 of which are among the best in the restaurant sector.


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